Vitamin D from the sun is great and all, but have you tried getting salty, sweaty, and lit at Salt and Sweat? If you’re looking for the perfect summer detox or wanting to get that summer body a little more ready for sundresses and long days at the beach — Salt and Sweat in Westchester will have your body in good hands.
With temperatures heating up Westchester, NY and your blood pressure pumping overtime at the thought of getting into your fav bathing suit at that pool party in two weeks, Salt and Sweat has let themselves get a little overheated and wild as well — but it’s all for you. Currently, we’re offering 1 free 30-minute sauna session with a cryoskin slimming session, and if you’re looking for the perfect detox and body reset — this is a complimentary opportunity you cannot pass up.
Why should you dive into this offer instead of the pool today? Because if you’re truly looking to treat your body like the summer temple it is — Salt and Sweat’s infrared sauna will not only effectively detox heavy metals and other environmental toxins (can you say ew?) from your body, but it will calm your nervous system, boost your immune system, help with healthy cell growth, and improve circulation to your body — leaving you to feel brand spankin’ new.
Combining infrared sauna sessions with a cryoskin session enhances the results and helps expedite lymphatic drainage with simple capabilities that help diminish cellulite, improve fine lines (you know the ones you get real close to the mirror to investigate) and wrinkles — even taking inches off your body in just minutes.
If you’re not familiar with Cryoskin massage, it’s an advanced technology from Paris. (land of croissants, cheese, and of course … love) and  at Salt and Sweat, we know you be saying “J’aime, j’aime!” after one session.
This offer is our gift to you — so you can take those extra summer body insecurities and toss them aside because it’s summertime and your biggest worry should be if the rosé at home is chilled or not.
Westchester, book today with Salt and Sweat at our Rye Brook, NY location — we can’t wait to see you have your best summer yet!