If you’re anything like me, you’re struggling to emerge from the post COVID fog. When I founded Salt + Sweat, I was seeking a one-stop-shop to recover physically from heavy training days and busy life. Mentally, I desired a quiet place to block out the noise from the outside world. 

As we begin to move forward from such an unprecedented year, self-care is paramount. 

On a positive note, perhaps quarantine presented you the opportunity to reflect on what is most important to you. Reconnecting with friends and family has certainly been a priority for me. While important, I also needed time to reconnect with myself and find my way back to my baseline.

Undoubtedly, COVID lockdowns and many months of social distancing left us feeling empty, sad, and anxious, experiencing emotional eating, and having less physical activity as gyms were closed and our routines came to a dead stop! For some, the sudden hurl into virtual learning and persistent zoom calls left us spinning and overwhelmed.

My shoulders have been hiked up to my ears for a year and a half as a result of the stress. Overall, we are exhausted and need a BREAK! 

Regardless of what has been most challenging for you, let’s talk about one recovery option that will offer relief in all of these areas.

Infrared full spectrum saunas have been all the buzz. They were even a hot (pun intended!) topic at the Global Wellness Summit. Europeans have long used traditional saunas as a regular part of life. While traditional saunas are also remarkable for your well-being, they can really test your heat tolerance. The infrared sauna is much more comfortable. In a full spectrum infrared sauna, 20% of heat is in the air while 80% is absorbed into the core which leads to benefits on a cellular level.


Infrared Saunas can benefit you in the following ways:



Our modern lifestyle is overly bombarded with toxins, even with the best intentions, carefully curating a clean skincare regimen and maintaining the healthiest diet. We are exposed to environmental toxins daily. In an infrared sauna, you will detox seven times more than you would in a traditional one. Shake those nasty metals and chemicals through sweat! Detoxification has also been shown to be helpful with colitis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, and most auto-immune diseases. 


Weight Loss

Detoxing through saunas and sweat will shed obesogens. What are obesogens you may ask? These are toxins that make it difficult to shed unwanted fat. Obesogens will keep you from seeing the true results of your hard work with dieting and training. Give these toxins the boot and finally get into those skinny jeans hanging in your closet!


Heart & Brain Health

Extensive studies have shown that regular sauna sessions have the same benefit as exercise. Patients with high blood pressure have seen a reduction in heart disease, increased heart rate similar to the effect of moderate exercise.  The health benefits of a sauna can extend from the heart to the brain. Improved blood flow and circulation encourage the growth and production of new brain cells which leads to improved brain function and memory!


Athletic Recovery

Recovery, recovery, recovery! That is a word you will hear over and over at Salt + Sweat. It’s all about recovery. A few of the athletic benefits from a regular sauna are a boost in flexibility to prevent unnecessary injury, shortening recovery time and muscle growth by releasing shock proteins and HGH. Infrared saunas also dilate blood vessels, increasing the amount of oxygen-rich blood that flows into the muscle. 


Skin Benefits

Infrared helps to heal the epidermis and dermis layers of the skin as well as helps to stimulate collagen production which reduces wrinkles and improves overall skin tone. Because sweat carries toxins out of the body instead of via dead skin cells, it also is an effective solution to Psoriasis and Eczema. The increased circulation, elimination of toxins, and flushing out of cellular debris enhances overall skin health, giving it a more radiant appearance. You will leave absolutely GLOWING!


Improved Mood

If you’ve gotten this far into the blog post, I’m sure you would agree that sauna use would improve anyone’s mood! An Infrared Sauna session stimulates our feel-good neurotransmitters. This boost in serotonin also relieves symptoms of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Infrared rays and chromotherapy can alleviate the “Winter Blues.” Feel good this winter with regular use of our sauna cabins. The sauna heat is like a cozy hug that will boost your good hormones and help turn that frown upside down.


Post sauna I’m left feeling productive, relaxed, and have all the good feels! We would love to know what you have incorporated into your routine to care for yourself. I challenge you to jump into a 30-minute sauna once a week and see how it improves your overall well-being.

Let’s get motivated — use code SWEAT50 for 50% off your first appointment!


See you in the sauna!